Sunday, July 26, 2009

2. In the Real World, The Only Appropriate Reaction to Pregnancy is JOY

A year ago, I was in college. If a friend announced she were pregnant, the initial reaction of my friends and I would be: "Oh shit." Panic!

Closely followed by a stream of "Where is planned parenthood?" "Is it too late for the morning-after pill?" and "were you drunk?"

In my office the other day, one of my co-workers announced hsi wife was pregnant, with a girl. To which everyone else responded with shrieks and coos of joy. Because that, of course, is what *real* people do when someone announces they are with child. Normal people in the real world think being with child is the greatest thing ever. And I, somehow have to stop reacting to pregnancy as the end of the world or a drunken mistake and instead treat it as the greatest miracle of life.

Um, what?

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